10 F I R M I N - G I L L O T

Main olfactive notes : Bay spice - Oak wood - Chypre

Firmin-Gillot was a small alleyway just inside the outer road of Paris. My residence was a very unique place, a separate house inside the courtyard of a building. Every time, I had to enter the front door once, and then go out through the garden door again to get to my house.

Perhaps, this movement of going in and out represents all my moments as a stranger. So I didn't want to leave the space between the front door and the garden door, which I had to pass briefly. That place had an eerie atmosphere when the lights went out, but its scent often touched my heart. Even on the evening, when I visited the place for the first time.

One day, I was whimpering in the space, all wet with rain. After staying out of the rain for a while, I was about to get out from the space and touched the handrail of the old wooden stairs. At that instant, a familiar scent filled the space, and I could feel it. It was the scent of Firmin-Gillot. The scent that spread in the space every time it rained. I sat down and cried. I was unable to release the handle of the door. In such a way, the scent of Firming-Gillot supported a certain time of my life.

Perfumer : Gabriel Kim

Evaluator : Rachel Shin

Eau de toilette, 50ml

Origin of fragrance : Grasse, France