22 R I C H A U D

Main olfactive notes : Grapefruit - Neroli - Magnolia

The summer of Versailles is brilliant. It is a season when the stems of deep life cover up the ocher-colored brick wall. The beginning of the scent 22 Richaud goes back to the days when I stayed on the riverside of Loire. The summer sun was shining all day, which reminded me of Versailles.

One day at nightfall, I walked on the riverside sweeping through the breeze. The waves of sunlight have been lengthened bit by bit. I was getting in the mood involuntarily. When my numbness reached a threshold, I stopped walking and looked up. As the radiance overlapped the skin of the river, there was no way to avoid the scent that had come into my mind. The intense sunshine hovering over my head all day was touching on the surface of the river and creating a coral shimmering sensibility. The scent that stimulated me that day was truly obvious.

It was one evening back at Versailles. The window was mirroring the glow of sunset. Suddenly, I wanted to get some fresh air. The Richaud street that day was filled with an atmosphere that I had felt somewhere. After a sense of reflection, my gaze headed to the direction of the sunset. And there, I met the most beautiful color in my life again.

Perfumer : Gabriel Kim

Evaluator : Rachel Shin

Origin of fragrance : Grasse, France

Eau de toilette, 50ml