ÊTRE-LÀ \ɛ.tʁə.la\ masculin singulier

(Philosophie) Présence existentielle de l’homme dans le monde


"presence" or "existence"

 based on spatial-temporal background 


In terms of Ontology, humans, or beings, exist in the Spatio-temporal world, building various relationships. The world ÊTRE-LÀ reflects on the memories of the creators, who once existed on the streets of Paris. And the scent binds these pieces together. Only the scent makes the real connection between us in the world where we exist and creates a stimulus that we've never experienced.

ÊTRE-LÀ is born to present scents, which connect people to people, or scents, which becomes the background of their relationship. Thus, each perfume we present is a created world, a being that exists in it, and the relationships they build. Now, we're trying to make another relationship with you. We're trying to create a world that connects us all with the scent.

The scents for your new olfactory reminiscence,

ÊTRE-LÀ is here now.



Paris is a background of all of our creators who participate in the ÊTRE-LÀ project. We introduce you to the scents in this city.


The perfumes of ÊTRE-LÀ are depicting the streets of Paris. The streets are places, where someone exists and where time is embedded. The scent will open up these stories of the streets.


ÊTRE-LÀ's perfume only focuses on the olfactory story. We advocate the most intuitive and aesthetic way to tell you that story in its entirety.

Black & White

The world of ÊTRE-LÀ is a place where the beings connect by scents.  Expressing a color-minimized world, we seek the true beauty that can be only conveyed by the scent.